Best Fitness Tracker 2017, Upcoming Fitness Activity Tracker 2017 – 2018

By | October 21, 2016

Fitness is the part and parcel of life. Being fit, mentally and physically both, is one of the important factor for a happy life. Here we are giving list, which may be, best fitness tracker 2017. But how to know that how much fit a person is? Or how much calories is required to burn or consume in a day to stay healthy. To keep all this in check, many fitness trackers are available in market today. They are handy and light in weight. You can wear them like wrist watches or can carry them like handbags. So in market so many activity tracker, which can tracker your daily activity.

Here goes the list of the some cool fitness tracker, which is available or expected to be launch in the upcoming year 2017. Here is given list of best fitness tracker 2017 is based on current available fitness and activity tracker.

List of  best fitness tracker 2017

Naked 3D Fitness Tracker:

How cool it would be if you get a mirror that can scan your body. That can help in creating a custom time lapse to check the progress of your body. Naked #D fitness tracker does exactly the same. It is a full length mirror that has an inbuilt scanner in it. Also Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity option is available in it, which can help is syncing the data in its corresponding app in mobile. With this device you can visualize your body progress. This is also counted in best activity tracker 2017.

naked 3d fitness tracker

This device will cost in between $999 to $599, and is expected to arrive in March 2017.


Vessyl is the cup that can keep the record of how much sugar or calorie you consumed, or that can track your liquid intake from it. This tracking device measures every quaff and calorie you took and help a lot in monitoring it. All the data of consumption are displayed in its associated mobile app and from there you can track your daily consumption. Not very sure of its arrival date, but its expected cost price is $199.

best fitness tracker 2017

Project Aura:

It will be the wearable smart glass, expected to arrive in year 2017. These smartglasses will be much like Google smartglasses with the more advanced features in it. Owners will be able to stream videos applications with the much more improved battery life. Also these second generation glasses are expected to be more durable. Other features that are expected in these glasses are water resistant and transformable shape (that is they are expected to be foldable).

project aura glasss fitness tracker

Google Android wear 2.0:

Expected to be launched in the early months of the 2017, this Google watch is a mini computer. It has lot many features like smart messaging option (keyboard input, smart replies, handwriting support etc). Coming to the fitness part, that this new watch will have the newly developed Google apps to keep the track of your fitness activities. Google watch is superb fitness tracker.

google android wear 2.0Thin Ice:

A Smart clothe that is wearable under the normal clothes that can help in consuming 1000 extra calories from the body. Thin Ice will be the smart piece of clothes that can burn that amount of calories without additional amount of effort required, if wore for four hours in a day. Expected to cost $99, there is no news of its arrival till now but we are expecting it in the starting of 2017.

best activity tracker 2017AIO sleeve:

A sleeve that can measure data more accurately as entire arm is covered by it rather than just a wrist. AIO sleeve will have different sensors that will be using MET and ECG readings that can give precise readings of your body reactions. This device is recently launched and is available in the cost price of $99 to $130. This is unique and best fitness tracker for body.

fitness trackerSoltrackr:

It is a device that can measure the UV radiations penetrating in your body and can help in determine the amount of SPF level sunscreen required to protect your body and amount of Vitamin D you need to absorb. Yes, Soltrackr can help you in protecting yourself from sun’s harmful radiations by providing data about it on its mobile back. Also, this device measures blood oxygen levels, cardiovascular fitness and heartbeat too. This device is available now at $49.

soltrackr fitness trackerSpire:

Spire is a smart device that can be clipped to your belt and can monitor your stress. By recording your breathing patterns, this device can monitor your stress level and can help you in controlling it by informing it to you through its iOS app. It is available at $150 in market.

upcoming fitness trackersSensoria Fitness running system:

This system is a set of two pairs of “smart” socks, a sports bra for women and a smart t-shirt for man, and two anklets. This system provides feedback on the basis of the number of steps taken, pace, and calories etc. Feedback can be like landing of feet etc. T-shirt and bra are used to measure the heart beat rate. This is best fitness tracker 2017 for whole body measurement. All the stats and data are linked with the iOS mobile app. Its cost price varies according to gender. For women it costs upto $389 and for men its cost price is $399.

sensoria fitness running system

This is not all. There are many more cool smart devices available in the market that can help you in measuring your daily activity and fitness level as well as maintaining it. We will try to update here list of upcoming fitness tracker 2017 – 2018.

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