Best Projector 2017, List of Best HD, FULL HD, UHD, 4K Projectors 2017

By | November 3, 2016

Here we are going to describe upcoming and best projector 2017. With the growing use of technology between commons in the past few years, many gadgets have become popular. Out of all these gadgets, one is the projectors. Projectors are devices (very common these days) that can projects an image or the moving images. You can found one easily at your school or home (Home theater). If you love watching and feeling movies in theatres, then home theatres are the gadgets for you.

Best Projector 2017

The craze of projectors are increasing day by day and if you are planning to buy one, here goes the list of the latest and best projectors that you can find in the market now. Best projectors 2017 of the year, are mentioned below. So before choosing the projector to purchase, check out the most appreciated projectors of the 2017.

best projector 2017

To choose the best projector, certain factors that have to keep in mind are:

  • Type of projector: LCD or DLP (Digital light processing)
  • Aspect ratios: 4:3(low resolution, for regular view) or 16:9(high resolution, better for movie enthusiastic).
  • Brightness range
  • Resolution: 1280 X 720 or 1280 X 768 or 1920 X1080
  • Throw Ration
  • Types of keystones correction

After analysing these factors, you are ready to purchase the projects. We are giving here:

List of Best Projectors 2017

Sony VPL-VW300ES:  One of the best projectors available in the market today is this model. If money and space is not the problem and you have 4K Source in your house, then this model of Sony is perfect for you. Resolution is : 4096 x 2160 , Dimensions are: 496 x 195 x 464mm, Brightness is : 15000 lumens.

Pros: Response time is very less and excellent up scaling.

Cons: Very Expensive.

sony vpl vw300es

BenQ W1070+:

DLP type of projector that provide the resolution of 1920 X 1080, BenQ W1070 provides clean and detailed HD bright images. If you want a compact, less weighed projector that can work in the daylight also, then this model fits right for you.

Pros: Built in speakers, Full HD with clean and detailed view, Colour and contrast

Cons: 3-D and wireless kit costs extra, Lens shift is not convenient.

best projector

Sony VPL-VW520ES:

Another Sony model after VW300ES that has raised the eyes is VW520ES. With the resolution of 4096 x 2160 and brightness of 1800 Lumens, this model of Sony is the first ever supporter of high dynamic range playback in home cinema. You can get the one in 7700 euros.

Pros: Effective picture display, Eco lamp settings, best picture quality

Cons: Incomplete HDR success, Convergence issues are faced sometimes, absence of 3D glasses.

sony vpl vw520es

Epson EH-LS10000:

With the resolution of 1920 x 1080, this Epson model has also raised the level of competition in the projector market. It provides the brightness of 1500 Lumens, this model will cost at least 6000 euros.

Dimensions: 550 x 225 x 553mm, Projection System: 3LCD laser.

Pros: Set up is very simple, black levels are convincing, Quiet operation, Eye popping color

Cons: Very expensive, size is large (not so much portable), lack of internal speakers.

epson eh ls10000

Optoma HD36:

If you are tight in budget, and are searching for the projector for everyday use, then Optoma HD36 is perfect for you. With the dimensions of 386 x 162 x 280mm, this projector is quite ideal for daily use. Brightness offered is:3000Lumens which is good in even daylight with the resolution of 1920 x 1080. It could be best projector 2017.

Pros: Images are bright; Motion handling is smooth, Vertical lens shift

Cons: Size is quite big, fan is noisy, 3D and wireless are not mandatory ( extra payment is required).

optoma hd36

BenQ W2000:

This model of BenQ is for those who love the details of Blu-Rays exactness. BenQ W2000 is the affordable DLP projector for Blu-Rays details appreciators. With the size of 380.5 x 121.7 x 277 mm, Benq W2000 provides the brightness of 2000 lumens and resolution of 1920 X 1080.

Pros: Setting it up is quiet simple, speakers are good and powerful, compact and sleek design, Blu Ray tuned cinema preset,

Cons: Rainbow effect is not very impressive, lack of digital file playback, judders are found.

BenQ W2000

Philips Screeneo 2.0:

Available at the cost price of 1500 Euroes, this model of Philips is handy and portable. With the simple set up guidelines, Screeneo 2.0 can be carried around easily and planted anywhere. It supports full HD 1080p.To handle juddery camera pans, Screeneo 2.0 embeddes Flow Motion technology.

best projectors 2017

The Best projector 2017 mentioned above some of the best projectors of 2016. But the list doesn’t end here. Other good projectors that you can check on are: BenQ HT3050, Optoma HD 28D SE, Optoma HD142X etc. This year has seen some remarkable projectors and we are expecting more up gradations in the year 2017. So many hd and full hd projector depend on resolution.

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