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By | January 1, 2017

If you have an android phone, then you need to identify what are the best Android Apps 2017 so here is the answer, we are going to explain the minor details of Best Apps 2017 in this article. These best android apps 2017 are not chosen randomly but we selected these Android Apps 2017 by watching over their market and number of downloads by users. Feedback of users are also a criteria behind the list of Best Android Apps 2017. With over millions of Android apps available to download from Google Play store, it’s explicable that you might feel a bit afloat, which application you should keep in your mobile and in comparison to other apps you should choose the perfect one. This article will guide you to purify and complicate situation and help you in selecting the best Android apps 2017.

Best Android Apps 2017

We have selected most featuring and amazing android apps for android Phones, these are the best android apps 2017.  Ladies and gentlemen, today you are going to have lots of fun in knowing the Best Android Apps 2017 that we are going to illustrate here so enjoy the ride of best Free Apps 2017 with us. The crème de la crème or the person on the top, especially for you. These following Best Android apps 2017 are used by most people and we swear that they cannot live without these Free Android Apps. These Android apps 2017 have become universal with Android Smartphones and if you’re observing for good material it’s expected that you have this stuff already.

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  1. WifiMapper (free): This App pathway the best WiFi hotspots in the world. If you don’t have a plentiful mobile data plan, you’re going to need to use WiFi as much as conceivable, but discovering good, free Wifi isn’t always that easy. So using this app half of your problems will be solved permanently.



  1. WhatsApp Messenger (free): WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform free mobile messaging app that permits its’ users to conversation without consuming any charge for SMS. WhatsApp Messenger is presented for Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Smartphone and they can message each other. So this android App is the best app 2017 and must have android app.

 WhatsApp Messenger (free)

  1. Next Lock Screen (free): This App makes your smartphone locks vivacity. Next Lock Screen appearances dissimilar to the typical Android layout, it efficiently militaries you to relearn your home screen, which is quaking, but it has previously collective many fans and lately gained a “best lock Screen App for Android” prize.

 Next Lock Screen

  1. Clean Master (free): Nonentity likes having a sluggish device, and Android someway achieves to clutch digital debris like a lodestone in a landfill. Clean Master App is the wipe and pail you need to undergrowth your phone or tablet clean. Clean Master’s Scrap File Attack feature scans your Android device and chocks out any unwelcomed cache and enduring files.

 Clean Master (free)

  1. Skype (Free): Skype is an App that delivers video chat and voice call facilities. Users may chat such digital brochures as images, text, video and any others, and may convey both text and video mails. Skype allows the conception of video conference calls also that makes this app must have app in android app.


  1. Groupon (Free): Groupon is a crazily famous voucher app that attempts to help you find deals and coupons for trades, cafeterias, and events in your area. Each ticket originate can be used directly and you can stock them for advanced use if needed. The app itself is well planned and it’s all very laidback to use. There are a diversity of uses for an app like this, counting holidays, break shopping, and when you’re out on the town.


  1. HERE Maps(Free): This app’s right to celebrity is the aptitude to download and use maps offline while still providing completely offline turn-by-turn navigation. It’s totally free and anybody who wants offline navigation should have this Android App. Here map is most and could be best apps 2017 for offline mam and navigation.

 best apps 2017

  1. Facebook: Facebook is a social website app that is world-famous and very popular among all group of ages. Facebook let you share the things in your mind easily with your social friends or public. Millions of candidates are connected with Facebook.


  1. Messenger: Facebook app provides the chatting facility with the app messenger, you can chat with the people, you are friend on this App or not. Millions of people use it for daily conversation that allows many new features while chatting unlike WhatsApp.



  1. Zedge (Free): This is a wallpapers, ringtones, notification tones, and alarm tones android app that provides you an implausible number of choices to modify the most rudimentary parts of your device. On top of consuming a thorough collection of things. It’s free and there’s a lot of gratified there. The only bad part is the publicity which can be a little violent and annoying, but it doesn’t then delay use.



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Best Apps 2017

Humbly put, this list of Best Apps 2017 doesn’t have everything. It doesn’t smooth begin to trace the twirling, intergalactic magnificence and near immeasurable variety of the Google Play store. What does this Best Apps 2017 List covers are the apps that you must install on your Android smartphone or tablet as soon as it derives out of the box. These following 10 best Apps 2017 will make your phone really smart.

  1. The Google Drive suite: Google Drive is a cloud storage answer obtainable on Android where all new operators get 15GB for free lastingly upon signing up. You can buy more space if wanted. What brands Google Drive so unusual are the set of applications that are devoted to it, they comprise Google Docs, Google Photos, Google Slides, Google Sheets, and Google Keep.

 The Google Drive suite

  1. Pocket: Certainly, Pocket App is a bit additional of a control user application but it’s one that we’d indorse to practically anyone. Pocket lets you revenue a webpage you’re watching and hoard it away for later. This is inordinate for when you’re browsing the newsflash or you find humorous stories from your Facebook/ Twitter/Google+/Instagram feed that you want to recite later.


  1. SwiftKey Keyboard: it is one of the greatest influential and customizable 3rd -party consoles available. It success the market numerous years ago with a prognostic engine different whatever any other keyboard had and the app has full-grown a lot of ended the years. It’s a free download and you can acquisition themes for it if you want to. Other topographies comprise a keen number row, SwiftKey Flow which permits for motion typing, various language provision, cross-device syncing of your library and much more.

 SwiftKey Keyboard

  1. Avast Antivirus & Security: Avast Antivirus & Security is an influential antivirus Android app that you can have faith, its PC complement is one of the best free antiviruses of 2017. To protect the info and data secure you should have this app in your phone.

Avast Antivirus


  1. Instagram: This is second most famous android app available on Google play store that allows user to upload latest pictures/photos instantly right after clicked with applying new features. This is mostly used by youngsters. But anyone who love to edit pics and uploads more pics on social media should have this particular app.


  1. Evernote: Evernote App is debatably the most influential note taking application ever produced. It originates with a ton of note captivating features counting the aptitude to make lists, insertion audio/video/images, and all of that is synced to the cloud storage, where it can be retrieved from any web browser.


  1. PicsArt Photo Studio: Unlike Instagram, this app provides the best photo editing software and features that are easy to apply on photo and makes the editing easy ever. So photo lover should have this app.

 PicsArt Photo studio

  1. Pushbullet: Pushbullet Android app is a sole application that can do majorly things. Formally, it’s an app that attaches your PC to your device through the web browser. From here you can do all types of things with it counting answer text mails straight from your computer, transmission files, chequered your announcements, send messages and etc.


  1. Solid Explorer: Solid Explorer is attractive much as decent as it gets in the folder explorer apps dominion. It structures Physical Design, archiving care, provision for the most prevalent cloud facilities, and even some more power user things like FTP, SFPT and SMB/CIFS maintenance.

 Solid explorer

  1. Greenify: Receiving the maximum from your phone’s battery is always key. Android latest version Lollipop may have its own set of battery-saving tackles, and many phones now offer control saving modes, but these should be seen as a last resort. So to enhance the power capacity of your phone, you should keep installed this app.


These all based on the user’s point of view, you can download any particular app only from google paly store that will be latest version and enjoy the fun next. Android app market is enormous and increasing daily, but after all what you need in daily basis apps we provided the list above. In the article we didn’t mention any Android game so for that you can select your category and choose form google play store.



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