Happy Muharram 2017 Quotes, Wishes, Images, SMS, Happy Ashura 2017

By | August 24, 2017

Muharram is the most celebrating festival for the Islamic; this festival is celebrated because this Islamic festival is considered as Islamic New Year. Muharram is also identified as Muharrum. This month is an extremely holiest kind of months infect it is considered as the second holiest month, only Ramdaan can break this ranking that is the first holiest month ever. People says Happy Muharram 2017 and share their love of joy.

Muharram 2017

It is believed that, the grandson of the Islamic prophet Muhammad’s killing at the Battle of Karabal, since then it began to be celebrated.

While only one out of seven is Muslim in India still this adds up to over 170 millions. Muharrum is the day of holiday that extensively kept in India. The 10th day of Muharram is considered as very important day. This year in 2017, we are going to celebrate this festival Muharram 2017 on 1st October 2017.

muharram 2017

Ashura 2017

The religious festival Ashura is the 10th day of celebration and it is a very important and celebrating day. Ashura festival is considered on the sunset of the preceding day, so that this year Ashura will celebrate on 10th of October on the sunset of Monday. Even though Ashura is constantly on the same day according to Islamic calendar, but date depends on the Gregorian calendar year to year. It is because Gregorian calendar is a solar calendar and the Islamic calendar is considered as a lunar calendar that’s why it happens. The day of Ashura may depend on country to country as well, depending on if the moon has been sighted or not.

ashura 2017

Happy Muharram 2017

Here we are wishing you a very happy muharram festival. May you all get all happiness in your life and attain each and everything whatever you wish on this Muharram 2017. Muharram is a sign of happy and peaceful life; it is very auspicious festival of Muslims.

Muharram quotes

Here we are going to describe about some of the greatest and very peaceful Muharrum Quotes that will make your Muharrum festival outstanding. We have a great list of Quotes; choose your favorite quotes here.

”May Allah this New Year bring a lot of opportunities to your way, to discover every enjoyment of life and may your resolutions for the days further on stay firm, turning all your thoughts into realism and all your hard work into great achievements. Happy Muharram 2017…!”

“May Peace and consents of enormous God be with you this year and always, May you enjoy new life to this year. Happy Muharram 2017 !”

”Celebrating Muharram festival means serenity, It is a festival which edify us, How to formulate a whole country, without using any Army, Riffles, weapon etc.  Happy Muharram to you..!”

“You unaccompanied we worship and you single-handedly we ask for help, for each and everything. May your confidence in him forever bring you serenity and affluence… Have a blessed Muharram 2017 !”

muharram quotes

Muharram wishes 2017

First of all we would wish you a very happy muharram to you and your beloved once, may your whole year goes to very peaceful and happily. Now here we are going to sharing some of best muharram wishes for 2017 that you can share with your friends and family. We all wanted to share something new and creative so there are some latest and interesting way of Muharram here, so check out here and choose according to your choice, all are extremely recent wishes for 2017.

“A Small human being With Small imaginings, Have So, Much believes in you My Allah. You Are for Me, I Am For you, There Is No Words, For My Love, during Which I Can enlightens What I Believe for you My Allah.”

“Happy Muharram 2017, Let us accept as true in the messenger of Allah and go behind the luminosity, which has been sent down with Him. Have a blessed Muharram.”

“May all the admires and thanks be to Allah. To who belongs all that is in outer space & in the terrain.”

Muharram images

Images are great way to share your views and thoughts in these days, whatever you want to explain you can use images according to your need, here we are going to share some of the best Muharrum images for 2017.

muharram images

happy muharram 2017

Muharram sms 2017

SMS is very trendy way in these days to share views and feelings to others and it is very working kind of way, you can share your feeling to someone. Here we are providing some of best muhhram sms for 2017 so that you can share it to your beloved peoples. Here you will get all the most recent stuff that you can share to someone. Here you will get sms in hindi an englsih as well.

“I pray:

To sanctify for you,

I wish:

To brighten upyour moments,

I optimism:

To overlay your way,

I message:

To speak happy muharram!”

“Na Yaazid Ki Wo Jaffa Rahi Naa Shammar Ka Woh Sitam Rahaa

Jo Raha Tu Naam e Hussain A.S Ka Jise Zindaa Rakhti Hai Karblaah..!!!”

happy muharram images

“Siyeda Ne Kahi Saal e Ro Ro Ke Guzare

Ro Ro Ke Yeh Zindagi Bhi Deta Hai Gawahi

Be Ghoor o Kafan Lash e Thi Bagdade ke Pul Pr

Lutati Rahi Be Jurm Zahra Ki Kamaayi…!!!”

“Ayya Na Hoga Is Tarha Hasan o Shabbab Reet par

Gulshan e Fatimah Ke The Saare Gulabb Reet Par

Jann Batul R.A Ke Sewa Koi Nahi Khol Sakah

Qatra Ap Ke Bagair Itne Gulabo Reet Par

Ishaq e Main Kya Lutain Ishaq Main Kya Bachiye

Aal e Nabih Ne Likh Diya Sara Naseeb Reet Par..!!!”

Here you will get all the best and latest stuff here, like best muharram messages 2017, muharram quotes 2017, muharram images, muhhram wishes for 2017 etc.

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